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  • Anchor Bolt Specifications
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Anchor Bolt Specifications

Purpose: To ensure that the stock anchor bolt product is supplied with the approved packaging and materials.

Packaging Specification
Anchor Bolt Description Style Board Test Flute Length (inch) Width (inch) Depth (inch) Print (inch)
ABSSS-4C / AB18-0 5FP Kraft ECT-51 BC 5 4 1/2 19 1/2 2P1C
ABSSS-4G / AB30-0 5FP Kraft ECT-51 BC 7 2 1/2 32 1/2 2P1C
ABSSS-5 / AB36-0 5FP Kraft ECT-51 BC 7 3 1/2 40 2P1C
AB40-0 1 40 4

AB42-0 1-1/4 42 6

AB48-0 1-1/4 48 5

Packaging: Each set of anchor bolts with the (ABSSS) suffix shall have the corresponding bolt circle template in plastic bag inserted in the box.

Bolts: Anchor bolts shall be manufactured to ASTM F1554 standards grade 55 (55,000 psi minimum yield strength; tensile strength of 75-95 ksi).

Anchor bolts shall be x” diameter, x” length, with an x” right angle hook at the unthreaded end, specific dimensions below. The bent portion of the anchor bolt shall be free from cracks when examined at a 10X magnification after bending. The straight end of the anchor bolt shall have 6” length of threads with 8 threads per inch. The threads shall be rolled and the body diameter shall not be less than the pitch diameter for the thread class 2A specified in ANSI/ASME B1.1. Thread acceptability shall be in accordance with ANSI/ASME B1.3.

A minimum of nine inches on 3/4" bolts and twelve inches on 1" or greater bolts of the straight-threaded end of the anchor bolt shall have a protective hot-dip galvanized coating. The hot-dip process shall be in accordance with the requirements of class C of ASTM specification A153.

Anchor bolts shall be commercially smooth and free of burrs, laps, seams, cracks, and other injurious manufacturing defects that would make them unsuitable for the intended application.

Anchor Bolt Dimensions
Anchor Bolt Description Diameter Length Hook
ABSSS-4C / AB18-0 3/4 inch 18 inch 3 inch
ABSSS-4G / AB30-0 3/4 inch 30 inch 3 inch
ABSSS-5 / AB36-0 1 inch 36 inch 4 inch

Hardware: Each anchor bolt shall have two nuts threaded onto them that conform to the requirements of ASTM specification A194 or A563 and be grade A heavy hex type, hot-dip or mechanically zinc coated in accordance with the requirements of class C ASTM specification A153. Nuts shall have a proof load stress equal to or higher than the minimum tensile strength specified for the anchor bolt.

Each anchor bolt shall also be furnished with two zinc-coated heat-treated flat washers that conform to the requirements of ASTM specification F436.